[custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true” style=”margin-top: -55px;”]What is EmployThis?[/custom_headline]

EmployThis® is a simple-to-use web solution to assist job seekers get hired faster.

EmployThis will help you land a job.

Find any file in just two clicks.

Intuitive and easy, EmployThis will automatically create icons for your job files and put them into the right place.

It works automatically.

If you are searching for a job you need EmployThis because it does the hard work of keeping track, so you can focus on finding the right job. Use EmployThis:

    • for organizing all your job-related files,
    • for all job applications on all listing websites,
    • to keep you notes, ticklers, calendars, research, and
    • on your smart phone or mobile device.

Take your entire job search with you because it is always mobile accessible.

Once icons are created, they can be moved around and opened whenever you need them. Files used in a job search are visual icons as in the graphic below.

Find your files in just two clicks.™

  • Click once to open the job map.
  • Click on the file icon in the job map and preview it below the job map.
  • Double click on the file icon and it opens in the application for edit.



All the files related to Trevor’s application for EMS at CMC are visually organized and connected by threads. Click on the icon and the file opens. Nothing gets lost. All the information related to every application is just 2 clicks away. Just drag and drop your files into your job map and it is automatically connected.

EmployThis allows users to visually automate and customize their job search information on all job listing sites in one place and all devices, mobile and desktop. Use the power of your favorite device such as your smartphone, tablet, or PC and let EmployThis organizational power tools do the heavy lifting. Intuitive, graphic and easy describe how it works.

All of us at EmployThis have experienced the trials of job hunting ourselves. We looked at the process and felt the frustration. We decided to do something about it. We designed simple and easy tools that everyone can use to land a job. No re-learning required. Try it yourself by clicking on Test Drive in the menu bar of www.employthis.com.

Paul Swengler CEOHome