Does job hunting make you feel like a social outcast? Here’s help.

When friends and family members find out that you have lost your job- whether through a layoff, voluntary loss or firing – first there are the expressions of sympathy and then the promise of emotional support. The conversation may go something like this:

alone1You: “I lost my job today.”

Friend: “Oh, that’s terrible. Are you OK? Is there anything I can do to help?”

You: “No, I’m OK right now, but thanks.”

Friend: “Well, if you need anything in the future, let me know how I can help.”

You: “Thanks.”

As the weeks, possibly months, roll by, you hear from your friends less often. You learn that they have celebrated birthdays, gone to the movies together and hung out at the local coffee shop. But you weren’t included in any of these outings. Why?

When you lose your job, in essence you lose part of your identity. Friends don’t have so much in common with you anymore, don’t know how to help and don’t know what to say to make you feel better about yourself. It gets awkward.

Friends also don’t want to embarrass you by inviting you to events, parties and restaurants where you may or may not be able to pay.

They are looking out for you best interests, right?

Well, not really. What job seekers need most are confidence, support, optimism and above all, normalcy. A job loss completely knocks most people off their keel. It uproots their lives and makes it difficult to focus on anything else.

We, the creators of EmployThis, understand your situation. In fact, helping job seekers with their search efforts is what prompted us to first develop an innovative mobile app with job mapping capabilities that streamlines and organizes the job hunting process in the first place.

Later it became clear that more support was needed, so we launched Sanctuary, an online support community for job seekers. This is a place where job seekers can share their frustrations and reach out to others going through similar experiences. It is a supportive community where all job seekers are warmly invited to take part. There’s no pity, no fake expressions of sympathy, no judgment.

It is simply a safe place to share, ask questions, seek help and find camaraderie. Find a sanctuary from every day stresses and dilemmas by joining today. It’s free!

Registration is quick and if you are concerned about anonymity or confidentiality, you can create an anonymous identity and avatar to enjoy all the benefits of the Sanctuary.

Be a part of the conversation today. Join us at the “EmployThis Sanctuary” .

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Paul Swengler CEODoes job hunting make you feel like a social outcast? Here’s help.