Emotional support is critical during the job hunting process; Fight isolation and loneliness.

When your family depends on your income to survive, the pressures of being unemployed can seem insurmountable.

“Dad, I need $50 for my class field trip.”

“Honey, is there any money in the account for me to get some groceries?”

“The car is making that funny noise again!”

Frustration can build despite your best efforts to stay calm and keep pressing forward in your job search.

The bad days

We know you often sit in front of your computer all day long filling out applications, sending out resumes and replying to emails hoping upon hope to connect to someone – anyone – who might be able to help you land a new job position. That’s just the job search part of your day.

But another part of you wants to feel like you are making a contribution to the household because staring at a computer screen all day long doesn’t seem to be enough. So, you might wash a load of dishes, cook some hot dogs on the grill or throw some laundry into the machine.

Then comes perhaps the most stressful part of your day: Problem-solving. Despite the initial embarrassment, you might call your child’s teacher to explain your family’s situation and ask for financial assistance with that field trip. You might sell a few items online in order to scrape together funds for your spouse to get food for the family. You could head outside and attempt to do just enough auto repairs to keep the car limping along for another day.

We understand

We at the Employ This Sanctuary understand what it is like to unemployed and struggling to survive every day.

As the creators of EmployThis, an innovative mobile ready application with job mapping capabilities that streamlines and organizes the job hunting process, we developed Sanctuary as an online support community for job seekers. This is a place where job seekers can voice their frustrations, reach out to others who have “been there, done that” and share their own personal experiences in hopes of helping someone else.

Having access to this type of emotional support can lift your spirits and make it easier to continue in your job search.  It is simply a safe place to share, ask questions, seek help and find camaraderie. We designed this to truly be the job seekers sanctuary.


Ont thing that job seekers should care about is privacy. No one wants a future employer reading a note of personal anguish. That’s why the Sanctuary has complete anonymity by default. Aliases and avatars are set anonymously be default.

Buddy up

It’s hard enough looking for a job but if you ‘buddy up’ to skype, chat, share info, or best yet review resumes and practice interview skills, your skills and network will expand. The Sanctuary is the perfect place to find a buddy. having a buddy to chat with helps both buddies. Join up and participate.

Perhaps the best part – it’s all free!

We invite you to become a part of our Sanctuary community. Registration is simple and if you are concerned about anonymity or confidentiality, you can create an anonymous identity and avatar.

Be a part of the conversation today. Join us at the “EmployThis Sanctuary”. www.EmployThis.com/sanctuary/

For more information about EmployThis or Sanctuary, visit  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/employthis–2/wdgt or www.EmployThis.com and click on forum.




Paul Swengler CEOEmotional support is critical during the job hunting process; Fight isolation and loneliness.