Why would a recruiter use EmployThis in their business and how would it work?


Employment Agency Scenario:

Tired of having candidates and potential income stolen by competitors, recruiters want to exercise more control over their assets and close more business. To do that EmployThis offers them a way to create a customized portal on their recruiter or agency site. They then ‘give’ subscriptions to their best candidates.

Candidates have full function access to the EmployThis portal but it appears to be the recruiter’s tools with these exceptions:

1. The portal has recruiter’s logo and branding rather than EmployThis brand. Portals may include some of the recruiter’s advertising, news or promotion. This results in strong loyal traffic on the recruiter’s website that improves retention, repeat clients and referrals.[accordion][accordion_item title=”Will this require me to have an expensive website upgrade?”]No. EmployThis Portlets can be implemented as widgets on external sites or as Facebook applications, Google Gadgets and Netvibes widgets without adaptation. A man day or perhaps two of custom skinning is optional.[/accordion_item][/accordion] 2. The candidate can then create the job response and rather than sending elsewhere, they forward it to the agent who will contact the other recruiter on their behalf, increasing the candidate’s potential for success.
[accordion][accordion_item title=”Will the candidate be able to use this portal for jobs that fall outside of the recruiter’s jurisdiction?”]The candidate should be encouraged to use the portal to search for all jobs. Working together with the recruiter as a team, the candidate can be very proactive as a ‘lead generator’ to help succeed.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”What if the candidate finds a job on a generic career site that has nothing to do with the recruiter?”]The recruiter and candidate should mutually agree on how to use the portal, the ‘strings attached’ so to speak. When a candidate is uncooperative the agent may choose to terminate the candidate’s access to their portal.[/accordion_item][/accordion] 3. The candidate and recruiter can now work as a team, but more importantly it gives the recruiter an unprecedented opportunity to work joint placements and opens a new channel for increased placements and commission splits. No longer is the candidate only able to work with the agent when the agent has a job listing, now they can team to find work and get placed. This exponentially improves the recruiter’s value to the candidate and resulting income.[accordion][accordion_item title=”How is the recruiter compensated on a job not in his portfolio?”] 1. Most recruiters work on a commission split with the position publisher and the recruiter both sharing. The question that always comes up, is it better to have 100% of nothing or 50% of something? Working as a team the candidate recruiter and placement agent all win.
2. The value to the recruiter is the candidate will be assisting or participating in locating more appropriate jobs for the candidate to respond to regardless of jurisdiction. This creates a higher potential for a win.[/accordion_item][/accordion]

4. The recruiter can get candidate’s access statistical summaries. Although the detail of the reports is not yet defined, and some legal considerations would have influence, knowing who is active, what is hot, and where the agents success lies, gives the metrics that agents can use to improve their effectiveness. It is said that you can only manage what you can measure.

5. Unlike Linkedin or other social network sites, in the agent’s portal, all candidates’ profiles are private. Thus the recruiter protects their investment in a hot candidate. Through this process an employed candidate who does not want his profile public, for personal or NDA reasons can keep absolute anonymity while proactively searching when teaming with their agent in the EmployThis portal. You can’t afford to work with a candidate only to have them swept away by a competitor. Simply, with EmployThis you protect your assets!

[accordion][accordion_item title=”Does this mean that my candidates are not going to be ‘spammed’ and recruited by my competitors? I get to retain some control over them?”]Yes. That is exactly what it means. No other recruiters can go sifting through profiles on your portal unless you or your candidates specifically send them the information. And even then it is only one candidate at a time. You can regain control.[/accordion_item][/accordion]

6. Communications inside your portal are private.[accordion][accordion_item title=”Does this mean that my candidates information, profile, communications and activity is not searchable by Google or other spiders?”]Yes. That is exactly what it means.[/accordion_item][/accordion]

7. There are no groups, promotional or spam. Only your agency web page branding is visible to your candidates.[accordion][accordion_item title=”Can I create a forum or blog inside the portal for just my candidates?”]No. You can publish whatever you feel relevant, and you may skin the portal to have your news or blog appear to your candidates like an ad display. But it is not transferred or published inside EmployThis. Conversely, no other recruiter can publish their message inside your portal. Advertising is restricted in EmployThis.[/accordion_item][/accordion]

Paul Swengler CEOFAQ – Agency and Recruiter