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Innovative software helps job seekers stay organized as they secure employment

Every morning after his kids headed off to school and his wife left for work, Max Lindquist used to flip on the computer and go to work trying to find a job.

He logged on to his preferred employment Web site and scanned the new job listings in his area. Depending on what turned up, he may have written a few cover letters or submitted a couple of applications.

Then underneath a pile of sticky notes with possible job leads, he would pull out his handwritten list of jobs he has already applied to and proceed to make a few follow-up phone calls.

It is a routine he has been familiar with since being laid off from his sales job almost six months ago. Lindquist is one of the more than 20 million people seeking a change in their employment status in the United States today.

It is not easy to find a job in today’s economic environment and it is perhaps even more challenging to find the job that is a right fit for you personally.

Hindering many people in their search is the task of staying motivated and focused. Like Lindquist, they send out hundreds of applications and resumes. When one of those potential employers calls to schedule an interview or talk about the position more in depth, it can be difficult to find the information they need right away.

That frustration ends with the introduction of an innovative mobile tool called EmployThis. Using a visual mapping format, EmployThis users can organize job descriptions, contact names, research materials and files submitted so they can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

Called a job map, users simply drag and drop electronic files of employment documents, applications, resumes, research and more into the job map. Instantly, a visual association of the potential employer is created.




In Lindquist’s situation, he was applying for sales management jobs in retail stores, the automotive sector and with media companies. With the EmployThis job map, he will be able to keep track of and neatly organize his efforts and research in all three of these areas. They will be separate from each other, but with any mobile device, would be at his fingertips when he needed them.

Excited about the potential power of this new technology tool, Lindquist decided to support the mission of EmployThis at Indiegogo. The creators of EmployThis have launched a fundraising drive with the goal of securing $50,000 for software development and are offering a subscription to the service that donors can use themselves or give to a friend or relative actively seeking a job. To get involved, visit–2/wdgt

Paul Swengler CEOGetting back to work. Making technology work for you!