How can recruiters improve their competitive edge without drastically increasing expenses?

Do you want to keep ahead of competition retaining a book of loyal candidates? Do you want to keep expenses under control?

Of course you do! That’s why it is so important to check out a new mobile technology application called Employ This.

Candidates are loyal only to those agents who help them. So, help your candidates. That makes sense.

Candidates want tools that will help them get hired quicker and that is what EmployThis does.

It equips job seekers with all the tools they need to get hired. Users can organize job descriptions, contact names, research materials and files submitted to employers on a visual mapping format, giving them unprecedented access quickly and easily.

You can white-label EmployThis to your agency for less than the cost of publishing a job on a major job site. And the benefits are far greater.

Why? Because Employ This provides substantial benefits to job recruiters and employment agencies in candidate loyalty.

The creators of Employ This want to empower recruiters and agencies with this breakthrough technology so they are offering a white label portal.

Jorge Rodriguez of Phoenix welcomed the opportunity to have a customized Employ This portal on his job recruiting Web site. He knows that in order to attract the best and brightest job candidates, he must continue to offer convenient, affordable services that add value to employment searches.

“The portal is branded with my company’s logo, so it increases traffic to my Web site every time someone logs in to their Employ This profile,” he said. “It didn’t even require an extensive Web site upgrade to install the portal. I used Google Gadgets, but I also understand that you could use widgets on external sites or as Facebook applications and Netvibes widgets without adaptation. It took just a little over a day for the custom skinning to be completed.”

When asked about the top reasons he would never be without Employ This again, Rodriguez didn’t hesitate to respond:

  • Since the hits on my Web site have increased dramatically, I have a higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that draws even more job candidates my way – and I didn’t have to spend any more marketing dollars to improve my SEO ranking
  • I am able to access statistical summaries on my candidates. This helps me target my efforts and specialize on specific job market sectors and employment trends
  • I am able to assist in locating more appropriate jobs for my candidates regardless of jurisdiction. This creates a win-win situation for both of us

“Since communications in the Employ This portal are private, I can work as a team with job candidates and that gives me unlimited opportunities to earn commission splits,” he said.

Rodriguez said job candidates were immediately drawn to the portal subscriptions because they can keep their profile private. This is an amazing benefit for candidates who are already employed, but seeking other work opportunities. They are able to keep their anonymity and their current work position while exploring other options.



“This isn’t possible with other employment-related Web sites, like LinkedIn, or popular social networking sites,” said Rodriguez.

The creators of Employ This are offering an introductory special of just $1,500 for the white label portal – that’s $1,000 off the list price. To check out this deal or to learn more about Employ This, visit–2/wdgt

Paul Swengler CEOHow can recruiters improve their competitive edge without drastically increasing expenses?