Need a job? Forget about the Power Suit.

Breakthrough mobile-ready application designed to help job seekers secure employment fast

Gone are the days of pounding the pavement in person, calling potential employers to schedule an interview and mailing out mass resumes. Today’s job seekers know that most of the action happens online.

Just ask Lisa Johnson, a teacher who lost her job with an urban school district due to budget cuts last year. Since she was pink-slipped, Johnson has spent countless hours on popular job posting Websites.

Many days she has trouble recalling if she has already applied for a specific job or not. If an employer calls to discuss her qualifications, she says it is nearly impossible to gather up all her research quickly so she can intelligently speak about the job criteria.

Like Johnson and thousands of today’s job seekers have already experienced, while technology has automated the job hunting process, it has also complicated the issue in many ways.

An innovative mobile tool called Employ This harnesses the power of technology to help job seekers better manage their job hunting documents. Using a visual mapping format, users can organize job descriptions, contact names, research materials and files submitted so they can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

Using any Internet device, users can organize all job hunting data from various job posting Websites in one central location and create a common calendar to remind them when to follow up with job application. It was designed by job seekers for job seekers.

In addition to keeping track of job hunting efforts, Employ This gives job seekers an edge by allowing them to upload video messages that can be shared with potential employers. These videos let users introduce themselves and share facts about their qualifications that aren’t easily highlighted in a resume.

Employ This works well for those who are unemployed as well as those already employed who are looking to increase their level of responsibility, relocate or generate a higher income.

With Employ This, job seekers like Lisa Johnson can link notes, calendar items, job announcements, research videos, job applications, resumes, company Websites and other related information together in one location. When they need to retrieve data, they simply click on the link created in the visual job map.

Having all this information at one’s fingertips can be the difference between talking about a job with a potential employer and preparing for the first day on the job.

Johnson understands the power of this new technology tool, so she decided to support the mission of Employ This at Indiegogo. The creators of Employ This have launched a fundraising drive with the goal of securing $50,000 for software development. At the same time, they are seeking to engage job seekers by having them share their stories.

By making a donation, supporters will receive a subscription to the service that they can use themselves or feel free to share with a friend or relative actively seeking a job. To get involved, visit–2/wdgt

Paul Swengler CEONeed a job? Forget about the Power Suit.