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Paul Swengler

Paul Swengler has more than 40 years of experience providing technology solutions on a global basis. Paul has broad technical skill and experience in computers systems including such as ARPANET – the precursor to today’s internet. He has provided technical expertise on RCA, Univac, IBM and General Dynamics systems.

Beyond just technical, he also knows the human side of business. He spent 3 years as Pacific Area Marketing Support Manager for Wang Labs where he traveled extensively around the Pacific Rim to successfully create and maintain a coordinated Technical Product Sales and Marketing effort to multinational companies. He worked with non-native English speaking local nationals to raise the level of sales and support for penetration of their National Banks, National Airlines, and International Satellite Offices of US companies such as Bank of America, Sterling Drugs, Cable and Wireless in countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Philippines etc. In his first year he increased revenue for Wang’s VARs over 300%. He maintained triple digit growth throughout his tenure at Wang. Since leaving Wang, Paul has successfully operated his own companies. One was a legal publishing company in Hawaii focused on Hawaii Law.

Currently he is president of the software consulting business, Software Experts, which serves a global client base. This business locates and contracts the best programming talent from around the world and offers it to his clients at competitive rates. He has successfully managed performance based outsourced projects for companies like Technicolor, Microsoft, US Government, State of Maryland, companies in the New York Financial District, and a number of medical research universities. Much of the work involved the use of new technology and innovative, pre-patent and proof of concept software applications.

He has been featured in newspaper business articles such as Honolulu Advertiser, Pacific Business News and the Tampa Tribune. He is a published author on various technical papers and articles over his career.*

Paul believes strongly that computers should improve the human condition, not complicate it. He says of EmployThis: “When computers let employers publish jobs on the internet and started using computers to read resumes they did a great injustice to themselves and candidates. Companies are people who hire people to create teams, computers adopt parts that are expendable. EmployThis is completely designed by people – for people.”

He comments on the development team: “Our team is an amalgam of exceptionally seasoned, results oriented, talented, dedicated and experienced business, technology and web professionals. We take your job hunt seriously, and you want us on your job search team.”


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Bill Raczka

Bill Raczka has more than 25 years of experience providing financial management and control solutions on a global basis. During the past 15 years, he has focused on entrepreneurial ventures. This culminated in the establishment of seven successful internet businesses since 1998.

Most recently, serving as VP Finance for Multiply, Inc., he played an integral role in the opening of e-commerce marketplaces in the Philippines and Indonesia. He worked closely with the global parent company to establish financial reporting, cash management, budgeting, forecasting and accountability while the US-based social network expanded overseas and experienced significant growth in staffing and revenue.

During the period 2008-2010, Bill served as VP Finance for BFC Financial where he led the transformation of finance operations with focus on management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, process reengineering, strategic planning and business modeling. Ultimately, he earned two securities licenses and helped open a broker-dealer operation poised to sell securitized mortgages in order to monetize time-share receivables. Bill holds an MBA and CPA.

Bill comments on his reasoning for joining EmployThis:  “There is really is something special about the EmployThis.  I was drawn first by its simple mission of providing help to those seeking employment.  Then after I saw the technological concepts and tools in action, I was hooked.  This is a truly solid product and an exceptional team.”


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Michael Lyubchenko

Michael Lyubchenko has a Masters Degree in Computer Systems and Networks. With over 10 years of commercial software development his expertise is in design of complex systems on innovative approaches to large scale data manipulation.

He has designed or participated in the design of at least four successful software patents which cover encryption, security, data management, and core processor monitoring. His work has been deployed in the telecommunications industry, NYC financial district and the DC beltway. Most of his work is so confidential it is either an industrial secret or under NDA. His work is particularly relevant to EmployThis because of his extensive experience in secure WebServices platforms and portals. His participation was critical in the development of digital DNA our proprietary way of tracking files across distributed systems. His knowledge of low level computer systems operations and core processor workings makes Michael a critical asset in the design and delivery of EmployThis.

Michael is the author and creator of a full scale opensource portal suite WebGaleleo Faces a ‘Java Server Faces’ application. He was instrumental in the development of theJSF Central Community Portal open and public resource for professional Java developers.

With a no-nonsense professional attitude he is a seasoned and valuable asset to EmployThis bringing strong knowledge in data structures, software design patterns used in financial managed accounts and brokerage, logistics and supply chains, telecommunications, and insurance business domains. He has proven his technical leadership on more than 10 large scale projects for international customers in England, Ukraine, India, and Germany where top level security demanded only on-site support and nothing leaving the facility.

Michael remarks: “Having worked on many innovative and complex core software applications, I am impressed with the technology behind EmployThis. There is nothing else that works as well for managing distributed data. I am proud to have been selected to work with this team of professionals and excited to create cutting edge technology. This is a great program and a talented team.”

Director of Marketing

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Fernando Pena

Fernando Pena has nearly 20 years of experience in campaign management with a focus on the online channel for the last 10 years. He is currently serving as the VP of Digital Marketing for Bank of America Merchant Services where he is responsible for lead generation, online advertising, email marketing, and management of all digital platforms. During his tenure the company has doubled the number of qualified website visitors while decreasing advertising expenses by nearly one half. His success has been based on a system of optimizing content, using analytics to make informed decisions, and leveraging the latest technologies.

Prior to his current role Fernando served as a Director of Marketing Analytics for the advertising agency, Red F. In this role he worked with influential companies such as Geico, Macy’s, United Airlines, United Healthcare, and TIAA-CREF to deploy sophisticated models that provided the ability to automatically recommend offers to website visitors. These offers were selected on a real-time basis using data gathered from user behavior, demographic information, and derived model scores. Each of his clients recorded substantial increases in campaign success as a result of the deployment of these tools.

From 2006-2007 Fernando spent a brief time with the consulting company, Accenture. During his time there he worked with companies such as Thrivent Financial, Staples, Virgin Mobile, and Vanguard on short engagements to improve or recommend customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and optimize existing marketing processes.

The bulk of Fernando’s career was spent at TIAA-CREF where he was an integral part of revamping their entire customer marketing platform and managing the campaign management component. His department was responsible for over 1000 annual campaigns that touched upon the entire 4 million participant database offering life insurance policies, mutual funds, and retirement annuities.

Fernando holds an MBA in Marketing Management from Benedictine University and a Bachelors in Information Systems from Monroe College.

Fernando comments on EmployThis: “EmployThis provides an answer for a question nearly all job candidates are asking themselves. ‘How do I easily organize my job search?’ The ET platform stands to revolutionize the job search process with its intuitive interface, reasonable pricing, and experienced management team to turn the original vision into a true reality.”

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